Spain’s most advanced and innovative beauty and aesthetic medicine centre.

Much more than a beauty centre, a beauty Institute.

More that 40 years ago, the Maribel Yébenes beauty centre opened its doors to the world. Since then, beauty and skin care for both face and body, are the two pillars upon which her prestigious career path is based. The centre's treatments are unique because as they are completely customised to ensure effectiveness of results.

Maribel Yébenes is the quintessential beauty specialist in Spain and her rigorous approach, along with an on-going pursuit to find the best techniques, exclusive therapies and protocols, have earned her an unparalleled recognition.

The legacy continues with Myriam G. Yébenes. Myriam G. Yébenes is deputy director of the Institute that is run by her mother, Maribel Yébenes. Myriam also works jointly with her mother in the discovery of sophisticated technology and cosmetics.

Maribel Yébenes has made her beauty centre, a true flagship of Spanish and international beauty; an Institute. And Maribel Yébenes has many friends. A place visited regularly by many of the most famous faces on the national scene as well as by some of the most beautiful international faces.