Myriam Yébenes

Maribel Yébenes' legacy continues with her daughter Myriam.

Myriam G. Yébenes has degree in Law and Business Administration from Universidad San Pablo CEU. Following further studies of massage therapy and aesthetic medicine at the academy Jean D`Stress, Myriam expands her training in different massage techniques in the most prestigious beauty and aesthetic medicine centres in the USA, France and the UK..

She decides to complete her training by studying nursing at Universidad Europea de Madrid while taking part in international seminars and conferences for the use of high precision equipment. In addition, she has attended various courses and conferences with leading international medical professionals.

In March 2005 she joined the Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine. Currently, she provides diagnoses, and performs both facial and body salon beauty treatments using state of the art technology.

Myriam is an expert in over eight types of radio frequencies such as unipolar, bipolar, laser diode, infra-red, multipolar, octapolar, diamond tipped ablation, oxygen,

electrostimulation, far-field infra-red, ultrasonic cavitation, shock waves, vacuum therapy ... using more than ten high-end cosmetic brands plus the Maribel Yébenes' MY Secret brand.

Myriam G. Yébenes is the Managing director of the Institute that was founded by her mother, Maribel Yébenes. Myriam works jointly with her mother, in the discovery of sophisticated high-end technology and cosmetics.