Customised treatment – how to remove sun spots

The Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine offers the best customised treatments for removing sun spots.

Customised treatment - how to remove sun spots

We use different techniques to improve and remove skin blemishes and various types of sun spots, always making a preliminary diagnosis of the type of blemish and possible treatment:

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Selective light-based therapy

It is endorsed as the best technique for the removal of sun spots from the skin caused by sun damage. It requires a prior diagnosis to determine skin type, blemish type and depth


We work with various types of lasers for treating sun spots, always based on skin type and the blemish in question.

Chemical peels

This is a non-surgical treatment with immediate effect that involves the removal of part of a deeper layer of the skin, depending on the type of acid used, producing skin regeneration, renewing the dermal matrix and leaving it without certain aesthetic defects such as sun spots.