Facial peel to improve the skin’s appearance

The Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine offers the best facial peel treatments to improve skin.

With a chemical facial peel it is possible to improve the skin's appearance by applying a chemical agent that removes layers of the epidermis and variable parts of the dermis which are replaced by new and better quality layers with fewer spots, wrinkles and a better texture.

The results are both body and facial skin rejuvenation as well as the disappearance of existing blemishes.

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We recommend a customised prior diagnosis for best results depending on the needs of each patient's skin. The various peels differ in the chemical / acid component used:


It is extracted from almonds and is also suitable for sensitive skin, as it hardly irritates it. It is an ideal skin exfoliant for skins that are both sensitive or oily as well with signs of ageing. Among its properties is the removal of oil and impurities, improves acne, facial rejuvenation and renewal, and repairs the skin after sun exposure.


This has been one of the best known exfoliants for years in the field of cosmetics. This acid comes mainly from sugar cane and fruits such as grapes or vegetables such as beets. It is very soluble in water and is found in very small molecules which are able to penetrate the skin gently but thoroughly. Anti-ageing effects for removal of wrinkles and skin blemishes.


Suitable for pigmentation irregularities, actinic blemishes and melasma, as it inhibits the formation of melanin. Very effective for removing skin blemishes due to ageing, pregnancy, oral contraceptives and prolonged sun exposure.


Antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. As it is fat-soluble, it dissolves oil from the skin. This acid acts on oily deposits and impurities, exfoliating pores and the surface of the dermis, leaving skin smooth without blackheads and pimples, and also helping with cell renewal.


Milk acid derivative which is also found in our body. It is highly suitable for dry, mature and sensitive skins especially due to its soothing properties as it is less aggressive on skin. Hydrates, improves the skin's tone and texture, combats the signs of ageing (as it stimulates collagen production) and improves the appearance of sun-damaged dermis, unifying tone and removing skin blemishes. It can also be used as purifier for oily skin, but salicylic acid is more effective for the latter.

With the correct application of peels we can achieve:

  • Immediate lifting effect 1-2 days following the procedure.
  • Reduction in the number, size and depth of wrinkles.
  • Finer, smoother skin.
  • Increased radiance.
  • Clearing up of spots and a more homogeneous tone.
  • Reduction of acne blemishes and / or scars.