Get rid of flabby arms Arm and hand care

Get rid of flabby arms Arm and hand care

The Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine offers men treatments to eliminate sagging in arms, remove sun spots and hydrate these body areas.

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How to get rid of sun spots.

Over time, too much sun exposure or genetic causes can make unsightly sun spots appear in visible places such as our hands. Find out the best suitable treatment for each time of blemish, using various techniques a deep and visible depigmentation of the skin is achieved, as well as a renewal and intense regeneration.


Insufficiently hydrated arms and hands can look aged, flabby and show signs of ageing. In the Maribel Yébenes Beauty Institute you'll find the most suitable treatment to meet your needs, depending on the skin type, tissue, etc.


Due to reasons such as the passage of time, the change of season or for genetic reasons, the skin on our hands is the most sensitive to dehydration symptoms. Find out about our treatments, from intensive, peels and various types of equipment for a softer, smoother and younger-looking skin.