Remove the double chin and facial treatments for men

Remove the double chin and treatments for the neck and facial contours.

The Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine offers specific treatments for men to get rid of the double chin or lift and strengthen neck tissues.

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Lifting and strengthening of tissues.

Lifting and strengthening of tissues. Treatment to fight tissue relaxation and slow down pronounced horizontal rings or wrinkles appearing around the neck, also called Venus rings. Using start of the art technology, the treatment lifts, reduces wrinkles and defines facial contours.

How to get rid of the chin: double chin

The double chin can sadly become the centre of attention, but not due to compliments. The Maribel Yébenes beauty centre has created a treatment which removes excess fat and lifts tissues, restoring facial contours, i.e., removing the double chin. Through skin tightening and lifting treatments using low frequency ultrasound, fat cells are broken down and subsequently, they are eliminated through the blood and lymphatic circulation. Furthermore, skin no longer sags as ultrasound with lifting active ingredients applied, causing a tightening effect and retraction of tissues. The double chin can also be treated with injectables of active lipolytic ingredients.