Facial treatment: the most innovative techniques for enhanced facial beauty.

Facial treatment: Skin hygiene

For enhanced radiance, smoother and elastic skin.

A fully customised thorough facial to suit your skin type, minimise pores and remove dead skin cells and blackheads, which leaves skin hydrated, free of impurities and with a more even tone.

It also allows enhanced penetration of the active ingredients of cosmetics.

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The following are some of various techniques best suited to your skin type:

Facial cleansing treatment for improved cell oxygen exchange by means of ozone steam and careful removal of blemishes, leaving the skin ready to receive the remaining firming treatments.

An enzyme facial peel which penetrates the lower layers of the skin, cleansing pores in depth and removing dead skin cells. Cleanses skin, leaving it smooth and radiant.

Non-invasive treatment that exfoliates skin with different intensities available, removing dead skin cells and gradually buffing layers. Dead skin cells are removed gently, in a controlled and uniform manner. This contributes to the production of collagen, fading sun spots caused by sun exposure, reducing fine lines and signs of ageing and improving complexion, by an increased radiance.

Facial peel where a deeper layer of the skin is removed,depending on the type of acid used. Skin is regenerated and the dermal matrix is renewed, reducing sun spots and wrinkles. This is a customised treatment


Facial treatment: rejuvenation

Both to combat and to prevent skin ageing, we offer various techniques that fade wrinkles and fine lines and other signs of ageing of concern such as eye bags or wrinkles in the eye area, sagging, loss of elasticity, dull complexion, lack of radiance or uneven pigmentation. The aforesaid technologies are combined to target problem areas using radio frequency, infra-red, pulsed light, electro-stimulation, oxygen, ultrasound

Facial treatment: Lifting effect

From the outset, Maribel Yébenes has been focused on skin care, pampering skin and offering skin treatments to prevent sagging.

With age, skin loses its radiance and softness which is why we offer the best customised lifting treatments to combat sagging tissue and revitalise the skin's appearance. Skin recovers its vitality, while lifting effect is enhanced on the skin and musculature, which supports the tissues.

The best combination of the latest and most established techniques will be at your disposal: electrostimulation therapy, infra-red, radio frequency, biological markers, ultrasound, etc. Make an appointment for a free customised diagnosis and find out which combinations will give you the best results..

Facial treatment: Sun spots

If you are concerned about sun-spots or issues such as irregular pigmentation, dull skin and a lack of radiance, our customised beauty treatments offer immediate results: regenerated glowing skin, fading of pigmentation and unified skin tone. End results: clean, smooth and unblemished skin that recovers radiance.

Firstly, a study is conducted to find the best treatment to suit your blemishes. Among them we can find:

The aforementioned lifting beauty treatments are combined with dermo-cosmetics and chemical peels to enhance the results, dramatically unifying skin tone and pigmentation.



Facial treatment: Hydration

If your skin needs additional hydration, combat the feeling of dry skin and remove any remaining impurities with a customised treatment for smooth, moisturised and radiant skin.

Facial treatment: Radiance

Many active principles and techniques that can provide radiance and the smooth, hydrated skin you need. Find the most appropriate treatment for your skin, from a superficial scrub to the use of radio frequency and infra-red light and LEDs. For a more uniform skin tone and greater radiance.

Facial treatment: Sensitive /reactive skin

This type of skin is the most difficult to treat. Depending on the skin's degree of sensitivity, sensitive skin often goes hand in hand with redness and small capillaries.. It is best to determine a first diagnosis of the patient's skin type. Do not hesitate to request your appointment for that first free diagnosis.

Facial treatment: Oily skin

This type of skin often appears with small shiny areas on the sides of the nose, highest part of the cheekbones, forehead and chin.

A recommended treatment in these cases is the reduction of pores, with which different methods are applied according to each person's skin, such as facial chemical peel, Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and beauty lifting laser treatments , through which steam is applied to the top layer of skin (epidermis) and thus the formation of a new skin layer is encouraged.

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Facial treatment: Acne skin

Acne is a result of numerous causes, and there are factors that somehow can lead to it to this skin issue such as hormonal changes, endocrine disruption, extreme weather, and the use of certain medications. Additionally, acne breakouts may appear from 13 to 40 years of age. For this reason, a specific treatment adapted to each case is required, where various techniques are used or combined such as oxygen therapy, laser treatment and other solutions so that you can finally forget about acne.