How can you get rid of stretch marks following birth?

How can you get rid of stretch marks following birth?

Stretch marks are one of the most difficult issues to get rid of following delivery.

One of the most effective treatments to reduce them is the white stretch mark reducing treatment:

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-Tissue to be treated is cleansed and exfoliated. Depending on individual's susceptibility and / or depth or extent of stretch marks an anaesthetic cream can be applied.

-Fully customised treatment parameters are calibrated and stretch marks are treated directly. Micro-pins bring energy inside tissues to break the fibred and scarred structures of stretch marks and to restart a process of internal regeneration which occurs while the synthesis of new collagen and elastin increases. In order to make way for a new epidermal structure, it is possible to eliminate stretch marks up to 90%, creating new skin.

-In the case of very large, widely spaced stretch marks, results can be enhanced with the synergistic implementation of injected oxygen therapy.

-Following the treatment, the treated area is cleansed again and maintenance guidelines for suitable regeneration are provided.