Beauty tips for bridesmaids by Maribel Yébenes

At the Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine we offer a wide range of treatments that address the areas of most concern so that you can look perfect on your wedding day.

Beauty tips for bridesmaids

We recommend a customised treatment and bridesmaid beauty tips where various available techniques can be adapted to suit the needs of each bridesmaid, with:

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Beauty flash treatments

If you're going to show off your décolleté, arms and back,they must be in the best possible condition. A few days before the wedding, have some of our flash effect treatments performed such as the Imperial Treatment or Magnetic Treatment to show off spectacular-looking skin. In addition to the various treatments that you may undergo for more radiant and rejuvenated skin, you may also try the following:

Facial Magic Treatment, for glowing skin and to get rid of any signs of fatigue. An intensive anti-ageing cure against the signs of ageing. Signs of fatigue disappear from the face, wrinkles fade, the complexion looks brighter and the skin appears plump and perfectly hydrated.

Prestige treatment which through stimulation with deep waves achieves facial rejuvenation with immediate visible results. It provides elasticity, smoothness and radiance to the skin.

3D lifting treatment, using state of the art radio frequency to tighten tissues, providing elasticity and hydration to the skin in a single session.

Thermage CPT

Skin lifting and tightening that combats sagging in both the face and body. The treatment reaches the deeper layers of the skin destroying old collagen and newly creates it.


- Removing of wrinkles with the application of botulinum toxin. If you've never tried it, ideally you should have this treatment performed 6 months before the wedding and repeat it a month earlier.

-Hyaluronic acid fillers: to treat cheeks, nasolabial folds and corners. Don't leave it til the last week as it is recommended to have this treatment a certain period of time before your wedding.

- Treatment of facial blemishes and décolleté.