Beauty tips for brides by Maribel Yébenes

Beauty tips for brides by Maribel Yébenes

All women dream that of their wedding day being a perfect day; the most special day of their lives. For this reason Maribel Yébenes has created two specific bridal treatments. Below are some MY bridal beauty tips:

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Bridal beauty flash

You'll look radiant on your wedding day with this special bridal ritual due to the Flash Facial treatment, Silky skin body treatment which includes an eyelash curl and tint .

Facial Flash Treatment customised to suit the bride's skin type, condition and to address any concerns she may have. Smooth, radiant skin with less visible pores as a result of combining light, oxygen and state of the art equipment. If the bride tends to have pimples, it is recommended that she undertake treatment in advance to treat skin and make it look perfect on that special day.

The Silky Skin Treatment is an intensive hydration treatment that restores the skin's elasticity while preventing ageing. The treatment includes a gentle exfoliation, a relaxing massage, deep moisturising, and an exquisite silk proteins wrap will leave the skin smooth and incredibly silky.

Then an eyelash curl and tint is performed to enhance the beauty of the eyes.

Bridal- 8 stars

CWith the afore mentioned combination of customised treatments you'll be ready for your big day after two facials, two body treatments and an eyelash curl and tint .

The Grand Imperial Facial Treatment is a star treatment of the Maribel Yébenes Beauty Institute. Ancient Chinese culture ingredients such as Green Tea, Pearl, Soy and Gold join forces in this treatment with state of the art technology for radiant, glowing skin. It has an immediate, flash effect perfect for this special occasion. The treatment is made up of an ultrasonic peeling, application of a hyaluronic acid serum-gel that penetrates through the cooling laser action, a face, neck and décollete massage with gold and pearl proteins, followed by an anti-oxidant nutritional green tea mask. Finally, the skin receives the regenerative power of soy through a concentrated elixir fthat restores the skin's youth and beauty. The face regains vitality, skin appears smooth, firm, fine lines fade, pores are refined and the complexion is enhanced with incredible radiance.

The Excellent Facial Treatment has an immediate flash effect,cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and causes a boomerang effect on the epidermal surface, restoring incredible radiance to the complexion, youth and freshness. The treatment begins with a thorough cleansing and toning of the skin, followed by an ultrasonic peeling with BHA and then an electroporation equipment is applied so that active ingredients penetrate into the skin's deeper layers. Next, an occlusive mask is applied, and after removing it, hyaluronic acid is applied throughout the area to be treated, which penetrates into the skin with the aid of an oxygen airbrush. The treatment ends with a hand massage, working facial muscles and tissues, followed by a mask formulated with another prodigious cocktail of youth: apple plant stem cells and Omega 3.

With the Magnetic Body Treatment, you'll get silky and completely renewed skin. This is achieved by a special body scrub, which combines the properties of diamond powder gemmtherapy with micronised iron magnetic therapy. Complete energy balance feeling and great mental and physical relaxation, in addition to silky skin.

The Silk and Soy Body Treatment is a complete therapy for well-looked after and protected skin. Soy is one of the stars of this treatment as it can reduce the degradation of the skin's support structure, in addition to re-modelling and re-densifying tissue. The other key ingredient is silk, whose proteins have a great capacity to retain water in the skin and thus ensure proper hydration. The joint action of both active ingredients revitalises even the most damaged skin.

Then an eyelash curl and tint is performed to enhance the beauty of the eyes, as well as a manicure and pedicure to complete this beauty flash effect ritual.

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