Four skin care treatments.

Four skin care treatments.

Through these four skin care treatments your skin will be more nourished and hydrated, and will feel more elastic, silkier ... In short, skin looks cared for and beautiful.

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Flash Repair

Radiance of the body's epidermis. Hydrated, nourished and energised skin. Vitality is restored in record time.

To avoid premature ageing of the skin, we must nourish and moisturise it in depth. In this way, we'll recover its elasticity and energy. Fruit acids remove dead skin cells and stimulate the production of collagen and elastin while a stimulating spice and clay wrap restores vitality and radiance to the body's epidermis.

Price: 80€

Silky skin

This deep moisturising treatment restores the skin's lost elasticity, while preventing the signs of premature ageing.

Gentle exfoliation, a relaxing massage, deep moisturising, and an exquisite silk proteins wrap will leave the skin smooth and incredibly silky.

Price: 95€


Do you want silky and completely renewed skin? This is achieved by a special body scrub, which combines the properties of diamond powder gemotherapy with micronised iron magnetic therapy. Stress is released and we are able to counteract the harmful effects of multiple magnetic fields around us.

Complete energy balance feeling and mental and physical relaxation

Price: 115€

Soy and Silk

A complete preventive therapy for those who want to age carefully and looking after their skin. Soy is one of the stars of this treatment as it can reduce the degradation of the skin's support structure, in addition to re-modelling and re-densifying tissue. The other key ingredient is silk, whose proteins have a great capacity to retain water in the skin and thus ensure proper hydration. The joint action of both active ingredients revitalises even the most damaged skin.

Price: 175€