Facial care and other skin care

Facial care and other skin care

The Maribel Yébenes Institute of Beauty and Aesthetic Medicine has created a series of specific facial care treatments.

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Oxygen therapy

Skin regenerates and looks very radiant, also pigmentations fade and complexion is uniform. Intensive rejuvenation treatment that deeply regenerate tissues through the constant application of oxygen throughout treatment. Whether sprayed, inhaled or as main active ingredient of the various cosmetics used.

Price: 100€


A revolutionary rejuvenation treatment, particularly suitable for women of 35 years of age and onwards, who begin to notice the first signs of facial sagging and muscle weakness.

The treatment begins with a thorough skin diagnosis, to subsequently apply the most appropriate type of skin peel, then an exfoliation is performed with an aluminium microcrystal-based dermabrasion. After a laser scanning of the dermis, for collagen to regenerate more easily, Vitalift equipment is used, with which the facial muscles are remodelled and toned. Finally, a Kigelia Africana-based cream is applied. This ingredient has powerful skin tightening properties.

Price: 120€


This exclusive three-dimensional effect treatment is the comprehensive solution to prevent and stop premature ageing. This facial therapy combines the most innovative and effective ingredients for cell regeneration, coupled with strength and the benefits of sound as well as vibration of the tuning fork, reaching muscles and tissues deeper. Wrinkles and fine lines are smoothed out. Skin recovers its vitality while the tightening effect of the epidermis is enhanced.

Price: 120€

3D Lifting

This treatment uses state of the art radio frequency to tighten tissues, providing elasticity and hydration to the skin in a single session. An ideal treatment for pampering your skin.

Price: 145€


Treatment by stimulation with deep waves for facial rejuvenation with immediate visible results. It provides elasticity, smoothness and radiance to the skin.

Price: 145€

Pearl beauty flash

In one session, it provides immediate radiance and glowing skin.

This treatment removes all signs of fatigue from the face and restores energy and radiance to the skin.

Due to their great rejuvenating power, pearls are used; the most coveted natural treasures of the South Seas. They remove dead skin cells enhancing the uniformity of the complexion, stimulating regeneration and increasing the skin's resistance against external aggressions.

Price: 150€

Facial Magic

An intensive anti-ageing cure against the signs of ageing. Signs of fatigue disappear from the face, wrinkles fade, the complexion looks brighter and the skin appears plump and perfectly hydrated.

Price: 165€


This is an unprecedented cocktail of active ingredients that penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin and causes a boomerang effect on the epidermal surface, restoring incredible radiance to the complexion, youth and freshness.

Results: A new face! Skin looks and feels incredibly radiant, plump and deeply moisturised. Flash effect.

Price: 165€

Gold and caviar

Restore lost radiance of past years with these two elements. A facial is performed and then a peel. With micro-techniques, muscles are restored and a caviar and gold massage is perfomed, to end by applying a mask. Provides powerful energy to the skin. A perfect formula to restore lost radiance.

Price: 175€


This treatment is one of the star products of the Maribel Yébenes Beauty Institute and produces spectacular results.

This technique combines the most precious ingredients of Chinese ancient culture such as tea, pearls, soy and gold with the most advanced technology to achieve clear, radiant skin.

This treatment provides an immediate flash effect. The face recovers vitality, and skin is softer, tighter and more radiant. Fine lines are smoothed out and pores refined.

If the number of sessions are extended, this treatment is an effective anti-ageing cure that prevents and delays the natural ageing process and perpetuates the skin's firmness and youth.

Price: 180€


Ideal treatment for recharging the skin's energy, hydration and nutrition, providing radiance and immediate firmness to the face, décolleté and arms. Ideal for when you wish to look your best.

The treatment combines equipment with revolutionary active ingredients. Muscles work with currents and cosmetics rich in polysaccharides and naturally occurring peptides to oxygenate and bring an extra dose of strength and energy.

Flash effect, where collagen synthesis is reactivated instantly resulting in a very noticeable lifting effect on dull, sallow and tired skin.

Results: Custom face-lifting in record time

Price: 195€

Skin care prior to and after summer

We all know the harmful effects of sun exposure. We suggest both facial and body treatments, to prepare the skin before the summer and to treat it following this season.

Prior to summer

Before starting the summer season it is essential to treat the skin to avoid further problems and to manage the harsh summer conditions.

This treatment aims to prepare the epidermis for the first sun exposure and avoid the appearance of sun spots and wrinkles caused by the sun's rays. Tanned skin radiates light, life and health, but it is essential to care for prior to exposure so that UV rays do not harm its beauty.

Price: 120€

After the summer

Following summer excesses, it is absolutely essential to regenerate and repair the skin in depth and replenish optimal levels of defences to face the harsh winter cold. UV radiation, sea salt, chlorine, wind, above all, all of these together, have left their mark on the skin.

The skin's DNA is damaged, so it is necessary to restore its balance acting not only in the outer layers, but at the cellular level.

Price: 150€