Treatments to eliminate leg fat and tighten

Maribel Yébenes offers the best specific treatments for legs.

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Lose leg fat

If your goal is to reduce localised leg fat, with state of the art technology equipment, techniques and active ingredients, you'll reduce excess fat and leg volume.

Skin tightening

Tightening treatments for sagging legs in order to remodel and tighten skin using various techniques, such as radio frequency, tightening or body mesotherapy treatments. Along with other advanced techniques, tone and firmness is recovered, both in skin and muscle tissue.


After a first free diagnosis and establishing the cellulite type: soft, oedematous, hard, a treatment totally adapted to each patient is proposed. Using specific techniques as well as tightening and draining equipment, you'll get the results you've always wanted.

Orange-peel skin

Orange-peel skin when tissue accumulates fluid and toxins, and hardens and as a result skin appears unsightly. Ask us and we'll perform a specific and customised treatment based on the latest effective aesthetic technology (ultrasound, cavitation, etc.), state of the art techniques and active ingredients. Tissue is regenerated, activating the lymphatic system, improving circulation and draining to tighten legs, so you can forget about orange peel-skin.

Fluid retention

Treatment whereby a drainage improving fluid retention is performed, in addition to immediate relaxation. Loss of volume can be observed from the first session with less swollen ankles. In addition, the treatment will restore the tissues' shape.