Body massages for a better quality of life.

Maribel Yébenes offers full range of body massages to improve the quality of life.

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Body massages:Anti-cellulite

Anti-cellulite massages mobilise the lymphatic system, break down fat and thus facilitate the penetration of cosmetics products used. In this way, we'll obtain more effective and immediate results for combating soft, oedematous and hard cellulite in the affected areas. Recommended treatment: Body mesotherapy

Body massages: Lymphatic drainage

By means of lymphatic drainage massage, it is possible to stimulate the lymphatic system, which removes toxins, improves fluid retention and keeps the immune system in shape. Toxins and fluids are removed and you will feel lighter.

Body massages: Recovery

Massage as a healing treatment following damage or deterioration of muscles and tendons. Blood stimulation occurs allowing toxins in muscles to be expelled, calming the nervous system to relieve pain and discomfort and toning and relaxing muscles and improving joint mobility.

Muscles are relaxed and provides relaxation with a state of total calm. Kneading movements are combined stretching, applying pressure, straightening and pumping to work the entire body.

Body massages Hydration

Massage designed to provide deep and lasting hydration to the skin. It is possible to improve the skin tone as well as being an additional treatment for preventing stretch marks and scars.